Tricia Venne, LMT
Foot Reflexology certified, DoTERRA Wellness Advocate, Symphony of the Cells certified, Emotion Code Certified

Services and Rates

Agawam, MA

Investing in self care is an investment in your health- and you are worth it.

Massage Therapy
30 Minute - $45.00         
60 Minute - $70.00         
90 Minute  - $90.00         
60 Minute (Couples) - $140.00 
Infused Essential Oils - $5.00        
Hot Stone Massage
75 Minute Hot Stone Massage - $90.00
30 Minutes - $45.00        
60 Minutes - $70.00         
90 Minutes (Massage/Foot Reflexology Combo) - $90
Do Terra Aroma Touch Technique
35 Minutes - $50.00         
60 Minutes Aroma Touch/Massage Combo - $85
90 Minutes Aroma Touch/Massage Combo - $100       
When used in aromatherapy massage, Essential Oils help promote and support wellness, relaxation, and overall well being. See the options above for incorporating aromatherapy into your massage:  

For more information about essential oils and how to enhance your overall health, please visit our Wellness Advocate page at

Emotion Code 

The Emotion Code is a simple and fast method to find and remove negative emotional energy from the body. It uses kinesiology, or muscle testing to connect to the subconscious mind to find out where the blockages are and what emotions they are related to. Then these blockages are released. The energies of intense emotional events experienced are still stuck in ones physical body and can distort the normal energy flow, resulting in pain, disease, PTSD, depression, anxiety, phobias, and mental health issues. The Emotion Code can help release and support the release of these blockages. This is only offered with the owner, Tricia Venne. 

Session - $70


Add-on to any session - $20.00
Biomat Naps - $1.00 per minute
(The Professional Biomat emits far infrared rays and negative ions. Infrared and negative ion therapies reduce stress and fatigue,increase blood circulation, support the immune system, promote restful sleep for those with occasional sleeplessness, relax muscles, reduce inflammation, relieve minor muscle pain, ease minor joint pain and temporary relieve joint pain associated with arthritis). This is only offered with the owner, Tricia Venne. 
Follow Your Heart Coaching with Tricia - prices vary and include one time sessions, one month and three month programs. Tricia will help guide and support you in connecting to your own intuition utilizing many of her modalities and education. 
The itovi scanner is a unique device that helps determine which nutritional supplements and essential oils may have a strong response individually through galvanic skin response. These products and oils can help support your body emotionally and physically. This is offered with the owner, Tricia Venne. 
Scan - $10         
Scan & Nutritional Consult - $25
4 week discovery and transformative program with Tricia - call or message for more information. 
This involves a once a week modality with Tricia encompassing all that she has learned to help bring transformation to the body. If you are feeling stuck in your life emotionally and or physically, this may be the supportive program you have been looking for. It will involve the emotion code, symphony of the cells, itovi nutritional scans, essential oils, bio mat, and massage. It will start with a brief consult to determine what you need.
Please contact Tricia for more information. 



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