Tricia Venne, LMT
Foot Reflexology certified, DoTERRA Wellness Advocate, Symphony of the Cells certified, Emotion Code Certified


I am happy to share my story in the hopes of helping others. My life has been a journey and I intend to heal the past in order to live life to the fullest moving forward. What I have discovered is that there are different types of therapy and for me, I've needed many of those as I move forward in my healing. At times I'm frustrated that I continue to need therapy but with Tricia, I have learned I am healing different layers at a time. Makes sense. I have done traditional therapy over the years to prepare me for what Tricia offers. With that said, I tried the Emotion Code with Tricia last year. I was at the point that I needed to move deeper within myself to truly heal. The service intrigued me and I wasn't sure what to expect. Tricia was patient, kind, and creating a safe space. I didn't feel different until about 2 days later and I was extremely exhausted. I couldn't believe how much was brought up, and had moved from wherever it was. It took some time to process what I felt. I then again tried Tricia's new four week program which involved one session of Emotion code, Symphony of the Cells, and Massage Therapy. Even after all my success, I am still a skeptic. My past has taught me to always have a back up plan so I'm prepared for disappointment. Symphony of the cells was amazing and that's an understatement. It released so much for me. I worked hard at resting (my body was exhausted) and learned to finally journal. It brought me to a peace I have never had before. I did the Emotion code session last. I had released so much over the month I wasn't sure there was more to release. For a few days I didn't feel much, however, then I crashed. My body felt spent, as though I had run a marathon. I have released a phenomenal amount of emotions and I have never felt lighter - spiritually and emotionally. I see changes in my actions and feelings. I am more grounded, stronger, more confident and happier. My releases have allowed me to respond to things in my present, rather than responding based on the past. I know without a doubt I was at the right point to receive these therapies. Like many, I am working to ensure the future for myself and my family is the healthiest it can be. Tricia gave that to me and for that I am grateful. -Karen 

"After completing Tricia's 4 week program I left feeling lighter in my mind, body and heart. The practices, techniques and modalities that she offers soothe your body and soul. I can't recommend this program enough. " -Lisa G.

"Tricia with her many modalities (massage, essential oils, emotion code, symphony of cells, etc.) help to bring your issues in your tissues (emotional and physical) to the surface so you can feel the emotion and let it go - release them because they no longer serve you - now you make room for more JOY  PEACE AND LOVE - I always leave her feeling re-vitalized, lighter and happier with a BIG SMILE on my face!  She helps you realize that you have the power to heal yourself -  you always have - just like Dorothy (Wizard of Oz)  "There's No place like HOME!" Welcome Home -You have always had the key! "  -Anonymous 

"I was first introduced to Tricia via a gift certificate from a friend. That was over a year ago and I still continue  to go see her on a bi-weekly basis. She is excellent like no other. Since I've been going, I've never felt better. Tricia is very kind and professional. Stop in for a massage and see for yourself"  -Sharon 

"Tricia is a miracle worker! After a massage from her, I feel incredibly relaxed and much more healthy overall. She is so knowledgeable and professional about her work, and she truly cares about her clients' well-being. I highly recommend her to anyone and everyone!" -Laura D'Angelo

"Trish is the best in her field. A true professional. I highly recommend her" -Linda Forni
"I go to see Tricia faithfully once a month. She gives an amazing massage. It is good for my health and even better for my overall well being. Reduces my stress level and it is something I look forward to. I never seem to have time to do... things for myself (as I'm sure a lot of you reading this are the same way) so this is my little "slice of heaven" :) I 110% recommend Tricia...I wouldn't even think of going anywhere else. Extremely clean and very professional. Try too will be hooked !!!!" -Christa Fortier
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